CZ 455 MSR Varmint Carbon 22lr?

Anyone had any hands/eyes on experience with CZ 455 MSR Varmint Carbon 22?

I’m in the market for a new bolt action 22, for casual targer/plinker. I thought I had settled on the Tikka, but this caught my eye, and is on special at the moment…


Plenty who rave about CZ .22’s.
I’ve shot several, they were nice. See plenty of positive reviews. They make a quality product. If you like the carbon look and weight savings I doubt you would be disappointed. Most .22’s in that price range are pretty good to excellent.

Edit: CZ’s that is , in tacticool and wooden stocks. Haven’t seen too many carbon guns in general. Pretty pricey. Question of longevity still lingers on carbon guns.

My understanding is that it’s a 455 barrel with a carbon outer sleeve. I’m not sure what the point is…but on sale substantially cheaper than the Tikka…

Correct, the CZ carbons are just the standard sporter contour with a carbon sleeve over held on with the muzzle break or threaded on cap. The 455’s are bargain prices at the moment because of the 457 release. Barrels are easy to swap.

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It started at five years for bike frames when they first came out, currently its 20 years. I don’t know if I’d buy rifle with a 20 year service life or if that life is the same as bikes, but the epoxy was the limiting factor if I remember correctly.

Would it be worth it to get the stock standalone?

Horsley Park have a package for CZ 455 right now. They’ve got this and a cheapo scope for 625

Something to note is that it’s not a carbon wrapped barrel but a sleeve that slides over a steel barrel. I suspect that it would be prone to moisture and possibly rust. The sleeve is purely cosmetic and easily removed to clean the outside of the barrel and oil it to prevent rust. They certainly look cool in the pics but not so much in the flesh.

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Yeah the epoxy is the limiting factor. Good resins available now but still questionable in regards to decades.

Hmmmm. Back to the Tikka ?

The sleeved barrel certainly doesn’t sound fantastic.

There’s also the Webley & Scott Xocet carbon, they’re a cheap compact little 22 with threaded carbon fibre barrel. I bought one a year or two ago for my nephew to learn with & it’s as accurate as my Bruno. I think with a little Hawk scope it was about $550-600 but it actually feels a lot better quality that it should for that price.

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