Custom / DIY hardwood safe

For a while now I have been giving thought to constructing a large hardwood safe.
I was thinking of filling the built in robe in our spare bedroom / study, it would be able to hold 50+ Rifles and shotguns.
it would have about 2m of rack for guns to stand up and pegs above them to hang more horizontally above them.

I’m thinking of an angle iron frame covered in 200 x 75mm hardwood sleepers with bolts through it to strips of steel on the outside with cup head bolts put through from the outside (welded on the inside of the strip to hide my shit welding skills) and dome nuts on the inside.

The thing im not sure on is the door hinges, The doors are going to weigh a fair bit and also how to lock it.
So I’m looking for advice on locks and hinges?

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These hinges look pretty good and a bookcase hiding the door would be cool!

That does look cool.
I think having it swing out would the best bet. Not sure on your laws for safe construction but if you can do it it would be unique.

If you look on Pinterest you will see some good examples and might be able to steal some ideas.

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Here is a set of hinges that I found doing a quick search on Pinterest, they are for hidden doors.


I think that I want to be able to weld the hinges to the steel frame.

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Have a read of this…

thanks mate i’ll have a look

Why the wooden route seems like it may be even more expensive than a steel one? I am currently just on the verge of buying the steel to make a safe /cupboard.

My thoughts are 1.2m wide to fit in with steel sheet widths. With 2 doors opening from the centre mainly due to construction reasons and locking method thoughts. Which is a steel eye from the frame top and bottom through a cut out in the door so a padlock can be placed through it.

1.5m high 400mm deep 4mm thick steel sheet front frame out of 40mm square section. 6mm thick doors that fit flush inside the frame. The doors would have a 90 deg angle welded to the outer sides and top to overlap the outside edge of the frame to prevent any pry bar and so the door can sit flush inside the frame.

Door hinges would be a simple solid square drilled for a 10mm rod they would be simply welded to door and frame.

My welding may not be flash enough to completely weld all the seems but should be enough to hold it all in shape and together.

I like this idea for a gun room.

I would talk to the local cop first. We know the Regs talk about wooden container. But from my understanding the cops expect a professional looking steel safe.
Would hate to see you do all that work then get a big X.

Just an extra note. Have you considered a small shipping container?

A small shipping container for his hard wood? I don’t think his wood is that big to require a shipping container.

The law is the law, I don’t really care what the local cops opinion is, because when it comes down to it it’s legal.
Shipping container won’t fit inside the wardrobe in my study.

Well that’s not totally correct, my local cop is a good bloke and I don’t mind a chat, he is also a shooter.
But he or any other cop can’t make up the rules as they go along, this is a free and democratic country and our laws are right there for anyone to read.
I won’t be bullied or lay down and roll over like a dog when I’m in the right.

Just a thought, if you are buying or own the house and if you only use it for a study, why not convert the whole room into a big arse gun room. You could either brick up the window or put security screen and bars over it and fit a safe style door in the door way.

Then as you collect more guns you will have plenty of room for them.

BUT remember if you do this and your wife gets shitty it was not my idea.:innocent::innocent::innocent:

Yeah can’t do That, I have to share the study. The walls are only hardy plank too.

That kills that plan lol

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