Cross eye dominance?

Any else cross-eye dominant?
I don’t know if it’s got anything to do with it but my both my parents and sibling are left-handed but I’m right. I grew up trying to do everything equally well with both hands like writing, sports eg. in tennis backhands are cool but switching hands give you an extra foot or so reach, etc.
Rifle I have both eyes open but sight through my right due to ergonomics.
Handgun is left eye so I use a weaver stance to balance it a bit. I’ll probably go both eyes open on handgun but sight through my left.
A fella at my club noticed I was left eye dominant because I engaged targets from left to right instead of right to left. I had never thought about it before.
Your experiences?

I’m a lefty but right eye dominant. For rifle it doesn’t make a difference for me, for shotgun i just close or squint my right eye, for pistol i can close or squint my right eye but i prefer to just cant the gun a few degrees to the right and have both open which lines the gun up with my dominant (right) eye as if i was shooting right handed.
I’ve used that method even since being shown it by a bloke i know who’s a weapons instructor for the TRG guys.

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Cheers, shotgun I can seem to do whatever (mostly right eye due to sheer ergonomics, both eyes open),I do cant sometimes for handgun but haven’t found the best grip yet.
Reason I ask is because today I found myself going “dominant” eye on handgun without thinking about it until I finished the magazine. Freaked me out.