Crap British museum collection up for sale.

What looks like just the worst museum ever has closed in Hull, England and it’s contents are up for auction.

Go nuts.


Holy sh*t that place is cool as!!! Id love the burning witch display, or the executioner one , oh man!!!

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That auction is going to be a goldmine for anyone wanting to put a bunch of wacky random “vintage” stuff on the walls at their restaurant/bar.

There is some legitimately interesting stuff there, but even if you were able to get some of them for £1 quid, the postage/freight costs to Australia would be astronomical.

Even outside of the actual items, there is great deals to be had on stuff like display cases etc. However, as you say, the shipping would ruin it for is.

I laughed when I saw that wax Hit-ler (are we aware the website doesn’t allow his name?) was up to 200 pounds but then realised that it was all the other stuff that came with him that they were buying. Uniforms, flag, field telephone etc.

Yes, it is one of the names on the banned list.

Don’t test me :wink:


Don’t test me :wink:




Here’s a post on banned words:

Summary: it’s a pre-canned list, we often delete words from there… But let’s not index words on Google and associate them with this forum. I’d really appreciate it, because once they are indexed, they are indexed.

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Cheers. I promise I didn’t mean to cause a kerfuffle.

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The word list has been loosened quite a bit over the years.

To bring this back on topic: Did anyone else see there’s an actual aeroplane in there for sale? The last remaining Blackburn Beverley. Fuck knows how it ended up at Fort Paull and not IWM Duxford.

There’s always one.
Yeah let’s put the topic back on topic…

But your right, there’s some bloody cool stuff there.

If anyone’s interested, the auction has finished and most of that stuff sold for a surprisingly large amount of money, considered how crap a lot of it appeared to be.