CPM reloading press info

i was given a CPM 9mm reloading press and i know nothing about it when was made and by who it is bloody heavy. i have looked on the net but zip and no-one can help me so please help an old fart

Got some pics of it mate, ive never heard of them and would be interested to know more also.

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how do i get the pics from my phone to here

Simply click the picture icon, bottom right and it should give you options to pick from your device…

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Thats a ripper! I like it! Sorry ive never heard of them…

bloody big huh and very heavy

Looks like a tank of a thing

it is and i still have no idea on how it works other what i have been told haha

If it all get too hard and you want to move it on send me a PM :smile: Looks like its built like a tank.

Apparently CPM stands for Clyde Precision Machine. It’s as rare as rocking horse shit as only about 50 were ever made. There’s a little blurb about them here. Best reloading press- opinions please - Page 3

It’s proper old school tough!!

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