Cost of 22LR ammo

So is it me or has 22. went up in price? I buy 500+ at a time and noticed that they went from around 9c for 500 - 1000 to around 11c-12c per round. Or is it just the shops I go to?

Most suppliers do yearly price increases, I herd the cci & federal supplier did 10% increase a month or so ago and have been informed by my local gun shop other suppliers are about to this month. Bulk up now is my advice.

Mmmm the only question is, do I get 1k or 2 :confused:

They come in 5k cartons :wink:

Bit too steep for the wallet.

Get bugger all discount for bulk locally. :neutral_face:

Buy in Vic and take home I guess. I have however noticed they all went up to 11c per shot. On occasion can find cheaper, but 11c seems to be everywhere.

Think I paid $140 for a brick of Velocitor last time.

ooooo I don’t know brands. I mean, there are expensive ‘premium’ 22’s I suppose. However, I go through quite a few, so I just buy cheapest in bulk, they all shoot more or less the same.

Although, Sportco and A22R seem to REALLY like cheap and nasty. Like laser beams with Winchester 555s LOL

senile moment
Jut remembered I own A22R - yay, new gun LOL

Yup I’m finding it’s cheaper to shoot cast centre fire than 22s almost now

…almost. Not quite. Though if you cast yourself, it could very well be cheaper. Especially if you’re loading bee farts (Trail Boss). Can’t do it now, but I’ll compare some load data to 11c baseline. Should be interesting.

It used to cost me 12c a shot for 38s in the lever gun. Plinking with Trail boss and hawkeburrys pills. Loaded like that brass lasts forever so I’m not counting brass in that price

I try to never add up the costs of reloads as it would probably scare me and if the wife found out… Well it would not be pretty.