Cool homemade 410 reloading press!

I just saw this on YouTube and had to share it.

Necessity is the mother of invention, and that invention is a mother! I use an old (1920’s) hand tool and roll crimper, but seeing this, I might modify my Lee Load-All as I don’t reload 12g anymore, Cheers.

Looking at that it would almost be easier to make that from scratch instead of stuffing around with the plastic fantastic.

Seems simple enough, given the right manufacturing tools and some mechanical know-how.

Interesting, all done with off the shelf hardware. I picked up a .410 lee loader a while back, still collecting hulls. I dont use my .410 much, should pick up a good double one.

A little side by side coach gun, shooting .410 slugs… Hrmmm. God damn it. Look what you’ve done to me, @GUN-DMC. Prick.

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I would just buy a 410 Lee Loader. They must be available

They are around, but pricey unless you are lucky.
I seem to have started collecting them, got 12, 20 and .410 now.
I dont even have a 20g, just saw it at the right price.

Making a press like this, I think, is order of magnitude more expensive than buying one. Unless you are a mechanical engineer or have some sort of fitter and turner experience, have materials and metal cutting equipment.

I dont think you can buy one like this. Probably less than $50 invested in it -plus time.

@Wombat, ignoring time, it could be $50 IF you have the tools, which is what I said. Not having the right tools, it would be an order of magnitude cheaper to buy something off the shelf.

A hacksaw, vice, drill and files would be all the tools you would need, I dont think its as hard a project as you think.
Obviously more equipment would make the job easier and faster.

Pretty cool but beyond my ingenuity level with all the little crimpy dodads.

A copy of a Lee loader would be easier to make. Most of it is a piece of piss.

Bullshit, any excuse to buy more tools!

i recently installed a camera door bell for a little old lady. Cost me a new masonry drill and a set of bits. :grin:

Seems to me the only part I probably wouldn’t be able to rustle up either in the shed or the local hardware is the crimp starter. I assume that the crimp starter can be bought off the shelf?

Correct. The rest is easy peasy.

I had a look on eBay and engineering plastic bar stock isn’t very much. It wouldn’t be hard to turn something up on a lathe.

Its not just a cone, there are ridges. You could turn and mill one, but they are a cheap off the shelf thing - and not really gauge related, a six fold 12g crimp starter will do 410 etc