Converting factory (shotgun) shot shells to slugs.

Time to revive this thread.

Can you buy already loaded shotgun shells and replace the shot with a slug instead of completely reloading them?
I was thinking of getting some slugs, buying some shells (say #4 shot)…

Is it possible?
Is it worth while or better to start with empty hulls and load that way?
If it is doable, what do I need and how do I do it?

It’s actually really easy and personally I think well worth it.

What you need to watch out for is slug height. Other than that, you are pretty much set. You can either use wax or PVA (have over shot/slug card) glue or buy a roll crimp (preferred). I tend to use roll crimp.

This is what I use:


Using drill press and swab of lube on the inside of the crimp body. Takes a handful of shells to get the hang of it, it’s done by feel. Once you know what to look for, it’s very quick.

Wax also works, but in hot weather it will loosen up and some slugs might fall out.

Lee 12ga slug moulds are perfect for this:



I use 7/8 because that’s what I have, but either one will work.

What I do:

Buy the cheapest clay loads you can find. Almost always it will be 7 1/2 shot.

With a hobby/Stanley knife, cut around the top edge of the shell, around the mouth.


Pour out the shot (save it, you will re-cast it into slugs :slight_smile: )

Insert slug, .

Roll crimp.

You are done. :smiley:

As for reloading from scratch, it’s very time consuming for what it is. Been there, done that, not a fan, will not be doing it again. It’s a pain in the bum to find the right hulls and primers that are not wobbly after they are seated. Then getting wads, punching wads to raise the slug, etc. In my opinion, unless you are really, really after a specific load, it’s not worth it. And most likely more expensive per shot.

Use pure lead, not some other alloy. I know it probably doesn’t matter, because the shot cup is what provides obturation, not the slug. Never the less you probably don’t want to watch your choke fly the fuck out or damage choke threads, just in case.

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@bentaz casts and sells all sorts of slugs. I’d just buy from that mofo if you are too lazy.

Yep, already had that planned, cause I am way too lazy to cast myself plus I struggle to find the time to reload and shoot as it is lol.

Well, that’s that. Very straightforward stuff.

I’m still travelling mate, hit me up after new years and we swap some details and ill send you a few different types to try mate.
I load some from scratch, but yeah there is no harm in pouring out shot and popping in slugs as JS said.
I also do plenty of that, especially at plinkfest or when ever the novelty of shooting clays seems to be wearing off and we just wanna fuck around.

What are you trying to achieve with them, you hunting or just stuffing around?

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Sounds like a plan, I was going to get the ones that you have on usedguns but couldn’t find the add lol.
Not so much hunting as culling, friends farm has major problems with the big “Bush Chooks” destroying everything and they have been issued a permit to reduce the numbers.
I figure that slugs would be more humane than SSG’s etc, plus some stuffing around later on. I have some nice steel plates I would like to put a dent in lol.


“Bush Chooks”

Do you mean those brown things with yellow feet that can dig hole like a backhoe?

I think you’ll find he means emu’s.

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That’s them lol