Contact the media to make sure they cover stories

A semi-regular reminder that one of the best ways to ensure an issue gets attention is to get it covered by the media.

Our success in getting the gun shop restrictions largely reversed in Queensland was because of a number of factors, and one of them was getting the media to pick up on the story.

Politicians do care what’s being said in newspapers and radio, so in conjunction with writing to politicians, it’s also important to contact your local media and get them to cover the story too.

Obviously we send out press releases, but I speak from experience as being a journalist that journos take story tip-offs from the public quite seriously, especially if multiple people contact them about something.

You don’t have to write the story yourself - just give them the details and explain how the issue affects you personally as a reader.


Good plan, Do you have a list of who’s who in the zoo that we should contact state by state?

Outside Queensland, we’ve only got the major media outlets - which is why we need people in those states to use a bit of initiative (or Google) to contact community papers, their local radio stations, etc.

Have just done this. Did you ever manage to hear back from the Victorian Police Minister?

Absolutely nothing at all from her, from the Premier, or from anyone at all we’ve contacted in Victoria.