Considering a pump-action .22

I fancy getting another .22 rifle and realised my gun cabinet is lacking a pump-action.

Years ago I had a Browning Trombone but trigger on it was absolutely appalling, so it got traded on something else.

Anyway, I’m thinking the time is right to get another pump-action .22 rifle and from what I can tell, these are pretty much the only types floating around on the second-hand market in useful quantities.

  • Winchester 1906/ Model 62
  • Rossi copy of same
  • Remington Model 12
  • FN Browning Trombone

Both the Remington 572 Fieldmaster and Henry Pump-Action .22 are available new but they’re waaaay outside my price range.

Anyone got any thoughts on the affordable pump-action .22 rifles above?

I suppose the best question to start this with is, what’s the budget? That aside, some cannot be used with optics… That aside, if I had to pick one, I’d go with '06, because I like that old vintage look with hammer. It also feels better (subjective, better to me). Alternatively, Browning - it will slam fire :slight_smile:

Henry is hard to find secondhand, but Fieldmaster I have seen for $800, so all depends on the budget.

Something to keep in mind about '06 and Browning, they are usually missing parts.

  • Sight elevation thingie and forend screws go missing a lot of the time.


  • Sight elevation thingie and there is usually a small (or not so small) crack on the grip behind the tang.

Do you mean the 06 is a Browning design and will slam fire (it will) or that the Browning trombone will slam fire?


The budget maxes out at $500-600, so even a second hand Fieldmaster or Henry pump is outside that unfortunately.

Sportco pumps turn up from time to time, usually @juststarting or @Justice buy them, but they are around


Do it! Have played with @juststarting pump action .22 and damn it was fun, good little plinker

That one would be Winchester '06.

The Winchester 06, 62 or 62A would be my choice. Buy the best one you can find. They are dirt cheap and plentiful in Australia compared to the USA.
And they will (although you shouldn’t) slam fire.
I would like a Sportco and a Browning, but the Winchester would be the pick for value, unless you cannot go without a scope, in which case hunt out a Sportco.

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Thanks - looks like I’ll be keeping an eye out for an 06/62/62A :slight_smile:

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Don’t overlook the Remington model 12, although they are few and far between nowadays.

That’s actually a pretty damn good price compared to what I’ve seen in shops

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It’s a shame someone drilled and tapped it for a scope :expressionless:

Minor crime compared to the abuse mine was subjected to

Yes, but its already been done, so you could put a scope on guilt free.

It’s also been painted.