Just a shout out congratulations to all the Shooting sports competitors. We have some really talented and dedicated people here on this forum that compete in every type of competition through the ages from Black Powder, cowboy action, pistol action as well as the precision target sports in those categories through all the modern actions, and calibers from 22LR to 50 cal.

To anyone that wants to get the low down on a type of competition just ask this forum is a very well represented group of people.


Well said mate :+1:

I agree with bentaz

And while we are on congratulations I have had a few yesterday and today myself I have just been given my first ‘‘Grandson Bushy’’ 8lb 6oz out of 6 grand children I think he is a good enough reason to go for a shoot


Sorry about high jacking the post people just couldn’t help myself

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You should buy him a classic 22 this year :slight_smile: Wood and steel. Keep it unfired in original packaging. Nice present for 16th b’day :wink: Something to keep forever.


Yeah mate might do that I bought the last granddaughter a little pink one and now she might have some competition if I get the boy one as well

Yeah right a 16 year old that could keep something unused in the box. He would have to have a hell of a lot more will power than I ever did or do.

I think he ment keep it untill he’s 16 then give it to him

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