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I need some no BS advice. I’m looking to buy a new computer screen for my 12 year old boy for Christmas. I’m on a budget because I just bought him a miroku 12g for his birthday so my wallet is pretty empty. He enjoys his gaming but he’s not running a super high spec computer or playing overly demanding games. As a computer competent but not overly tech minded bloke I’m struggling to cut through all the BS about what’s good, and what’s not, and what’s just hype/marketing/wank…

He wants something around 27", preferably curved screen. This is what a quick stroll through HN turns up on the floor. Sales people starting pissing in my pocket…

I know some of you guys are computer geeks, so give it to me straight. Help me out here please

To pre-empt the world looking at me, @Bent_arrow - haven’t had a gaming machine in over a decade, so I don’t know much about monitors, BUT

  1. Find out what he actually plays. Some games - any display will do, other games - you’d spot the difference.
  2. Create an account on “” - this is where you want to ask this… (in thread:

Pretty much what you said here and someone there (hopefully) will help you out. Unless someone here knows.

I have played some games on a curved screen and some games showed a slight difference but in my honest opinion there wasn’t much difference, but that could just be my ageing eyes lol.

I think for the same money you could get a really good quality screen or a bigger one. But as @juststarting said get on whirlpool and they should be able to help.

That wasn’t the question. Kid wants a curved screen, not what’s better…

Yep I get that, just saying there is not much difference if he doesn’t have a high end gaming system and playing the right games.

You know what I mean, I am not talking about technical difference. I am talking about, I asked for curved, I got not curved. I asked for a puppy, I got socks.

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This is part of it…,

I used to play a fair nit of Battlefield and ran 2 GTX 690 cards which could run 3 displays at Hi Res. So it was a very surround experience. I didnt play the game like that however it just wasn’t as good. I would play with two screens one for the gaming action and one for some other function of the game or Teamspeak.

So I am not a big believer in the curved screen I would go with a screen that has good contrast Black is the hardest colour for the screens and one that has a high scan rate. Sorry no help at all.

Best to find out the game he really wants to play. The box will have minimum requirements, recommended requirements and maximum requirements. From that you can get a good idea what you are after.

OK, this is not technical advice or anything like that but if you are looking at monitors don’t buy from Harvey Norman as they are usually dearer than else where.

Use this link and search for what you want. It is basically a search engine that looks at all of the online shops and gives you the price for the item you are looking for.

In a former life I used this site a lot to find the cheapest place to buy all of my parts to build computers, it has saved me countless dollars.

For an example looking at the prices that you put up and picking one at random, Harvey Normans price for a LG MP58 Full HD IPS Monitor is $397. Staticice showed me a list of places that was as cheap as $319 for the same thing. Then by clicking on the price it takes you to the store and you can see it for your self.
The trick is postage, that’s where you can either save money or cost you more. Using the same list there is one for sale for $349 in NSW from PC Market and they have free delivery. That’s $48 worth of ammo for you :wink::wink:

Hope this helps.


In my very limited experience that’s a great approach for working out what performance you need out of the PC your going to buy, but not so helpful for the specs of the screen…

Thanks, that’s really, really useful. Interesting that the MSI screen is pretty much the same price everywhere.

Yep sometimes it happens but where you can save is the freight.

It helps re resolution of the monitor you may purchase and the maximum amount of pixels that can be shown by the game across multiple screens or one.

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Now Battlefield 2 was a great game.

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@Bent_arrow, So it took awhile but I ha e a couple of recommendations for you for monitors.

ASUS VA326H FHD 144hz FreeSync Curved 32in VA Gaming Monitor

Philips 278E8QJAB FHD FreeSync Curved 27in VA Monitor

Philips 328E8QJAB5 FHD FreeSync Curved 32in VA Monitor

These are all from
I was told that they are all good quality and your young fella will be happy with any of them.

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Thanks, much appreciated