Combined Firearms Council of Victoria launches new adds

It says it all. Over the years, respect for shooters has fallen away. Everyone likes to take a swipe at us.

So much so, we’ve made three ads we will be rolling out in the lead up to this year’s state election, with the first one being about the need for politicians to respect who we are and what we do once again.

Click here to see it. Many of you have been generous in the past but the rally call for donations isn’t aimed at you: it’s aimed at the greater body of shooters who we need to connect with.

Shooters who feel isolated but want to help out with the election anyway. Shooters who feel disrespected.



Awesome. Keep up the good work.

While i agree with everything in the ad, the delivery is kind’a just preaching to the choir and has shades (for me) of Cartman screaming, “you must respect my authorateye!”

I know it is mostly an appeal for donations but you reach a broader audience by being less emotive.

Just my take on it.