Collectors License

Ive been wondering what the collectors licence requirements are, with regard to pistol attendances…

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Here in nsw it one club meeting a year. The storage requirements are somewhat onerous though I believe.

I’ve been thinking about it for shotguns, Greener harpoon gun, line throwers, tranquilliser guns.
Browning A5 and a bunch of other “Single barrel” shotguns they wont let me have now.

My understanding is getting the lic is easy as filling out the form (well in Qld anyway), and pistols on your collectors can only be shot once a year but it’s not a requirement to shoot them, and you don’t need to shoot all the calibre classes like you do for std licence.
I think that’s how it works but not sure, i’ll check with a mate who has his collectors lic and get back to you.

@bentaz you should do it for sure if it’ll help you keep some of your more different toys.


I’ve looked into it. In Victoria, you need to be in an accredited collectors club/guild. Pistol collector licenses are split into two parts. Pre-46 and post 47. You need to establish some degree of a collection (can’t remember exact number) of pre 46 pistols, with some sort of demonstrable theme. Then after I think it’s two years you can apply for a post 47 license. Every addition needs to be part of your “theme”, how broad that is, I don’t know. Depending on the club , there are different numbers of shoots. All must be sanctioned by the club and LRD as a permitted shoot, that is the only time and place you are allowed to shoot the collection.
Long arms , Cat D I’m pretty sure required deactivation for you to possess it. As well as onerous storage requirements like alarms and barred windows.

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Ok so this is for Qld, my mate said you join a club eg Shooters Union “collectors club” for $30 per year and they will give you a club letter, then go do your safety course for collectors handling & storage of cat A,B,C,D,M,H,R. Then submit your paperwork & application stating your valid reason being collection of “police & military weapons across 20th century” which will cover you for all the cool stuff. Then sit back & wait for the ever so efficient process of approval lol.

There is one shoot allowed per year that is at a designated “collectors” shoot which is not compulsory but is the only place you can use the items under your collectors lic, so naturally you do not have to do any shoots for Cat H firearms under your collectors lic.
If you get caught using anything on your collectors anywhere else even private property get a rusty spoon and use it to cut out your nuts and hand them over lol.
Cat D must be temporarily disabled and Cat R must be permanently disabled.

That’s the process according to him, he has his collectors & used to work in the industry until a couple of years ago so i assume is fairly spot on.


As someone as already mentioned the storage requirement are next level compared with normal A,B,H license holders.

@JSS PM me if you’d like my limited experience working toward the QLD collectors licence

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Thanks mate have done… And now that you buggers have started talking about it that little monkey has started grinding his organ inside my brain, so after just talking to a mate who runs the safety courses i’m now in the process of doing my collectors lic.

@bentaz and @MaxJon i hold you two bastards completely responsible for this. Bloody hell here comes another rabbit hole…


Im sincerely sorry @JSS…HAHA!!! Im thinking about it, even though the transition/process would be seamless, i probably wont do it, but.

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Im not sorry. You’re partly responsible for my handgun license, so its only fair.
I reckon I’ll have a crack at it once Cat H is done.

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Qld Weapons Act 1990 page 104 states:

Collector’s licence (weapons)

(1) It is a condition of a collector’s licence (weapons) that the
licensee may possess—
(a) category D, M or R weapons only if—

 for weapons that are firearms—the weapons are
made permanently inoperable;

You’re right sorry my bad, thanks @keklord, i called him to query what he told me & either he must of misspoke or i misunderstood, so i inadvertently relayed a bunch of bullshit to everyone lol. It’s cat C that’s temporarily disabled and D & R that are permanently disabled.
In my defence we were also discussing next weeks holiday our families are doing together so there was a bit of shit talk along with the licence questions.

It seems appropriate to point out that in WA you can collect non disables firearms and ammunition in expensive storage but never fire them.

But if disabled can hang on the wall.

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Well FINALLY after a bloody long wait I’ve just received the happy happy joy joy email that my collectors is approved and license will be on it’s way.

Let the games begin!!!