Cold, a lot of new snow.

Beautiful late afternoon today. Certainly had the chainsaw going today.

It’s cold up here!


Whilst i was toasty warm, it was cold where i slept to :grin:

Where’s that?

Fuck that for fun!

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If you have a quality down sleeping bag, not synthetic and water proof Gore-Tex outer wear you can put up with anything.

Its toolangi state forest my second home haha, i didn’t even know it snowed, woke up and was going to have a sleep in but cracked the swag to have a peek and thought well then, i didn’t expect this…

Low snow levels were forecast.:deer:

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I have had a synthetic / poly bag for 30+ years now. It was rated back then for snow and -16. I have slept in the snow as Austac did several times just small 2 man tent with no problems. Still have the bag and still works.

What swag?

They pack up to larger compared to a down bag and are a lot heavier and no where near the warmth of a down bag.

Yeah…naaaahh not for me :snowman_with_snow:
Looks pretty in a picture though! :grinning: :beers:


Yes they certainly pack up bigger. My cover has three straps around it to pull it smaller but would still have been double the size of the down bag. Not so sure about the warmth factor, or the weight though.

Mines a synthetic -10 snugpak sleeping bag, bit of left over gucci gear, i also throw over a down bag and use that as a blanket just incase, the tarp was set up differently before bed, i setup about 1am as it was, in fierce fierce winds, originally it was off the ground in a solid triangle but under harsh winds and what felt like a literal tonne of snow its totally caved on my swag which thankfully is self supporting, swag is under the tarp all in all it was a good night :slight_smile: was a little afraid of catching a tree so set the vehicle between the trees and i

Get a down bag wet and your shagged though

I would never go back to a synthetic bag. I live in the snow and am used to it. Down is expensive but if you want a comfortable night without having to wear thermals it’s the way to go. Very light and very warm.

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Same as any sleeping bag.

…and at least $300 more on the wallet.

A lot more than that if you get a good one. But you want regret it.