CO2 shotgun - yep

CO2 shotgun… Nothing else to add.

Already one in production being used by law enforcement and the military

Be a fun toy, bit of a stretch calling it a shotgun.

I don’t know, look at how powerful this springer is

Yes I know if does not say the illustrated firearm was used, just thought it was an odd choice of photo.

It’s just a stock photo used by a lot of websites on a number of topics. If you save it and do a google image search you will find it. It’s just a convenience.

Buying one of these springers for all my future deer poaching!

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I know. But there must be a stock photo of an appropriate firearm.

Yep, you only need one of those scopes that see through iron sights.

If the pic is available to everyone, anyone can use it. Besides, it may be a left-hand bolt action used by a right-hand shooter. Who knows?

Can you still use open sights? Have another look- its a springer.

Never used an air rifle or springer thing. And I don’t want to.

My apologies, I just assumed everyone started with an airgun before they were ten.Not all of us could handle a 30-06 as kids.

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The first gun I used was an L1A1 SLR, a semi-auto .308 when I was 19 in the ADF in 1975. Heavy son of a bitch.

Reverse image search says it a sniper gun.

Must have got that Elk from a safe distance then.

Ssshhhhh don’t let the government hear that, they will be banning all air rifles. :rofl:

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All jokes aside there was a bloke who took an Elephant with a .22. He got BS called on it, so he went out and did it again.

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