Clenzoil - anyone using it?

Just wondering if anybody here uses Clenzoil?

Watched this video (I watch him a lot):
(18) Best CLP? Hoppe’s 9 vs Break Free CLP, Slip 2000, Ballistol, Frog Lube, Extreme Force, Clenzoil - YouTube

…and it seems to do a pretty good job on lubricity front. Like really good job. Especially compared to Hoppes 9 oil that I use.

thoughts, feedback, anything?

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Does look good hey, might give some a try.

Yep, I found out ages ago that Ballistol 'aint a very good rust prevention product.
I still use it as a blackpowder wiping fluid mixed with 4 parts water.
That Clenzoil stuff certainly looks the goods as a wear prevention product.

This is pretty much what I was thinking. I use lanoline for rust prevention. This I was thinking lubrication only.

For plain old good gun oil I like Sweets and the KG brands it is marketed as gun oil pure and simple no trying to turn it into a 3 in one type deal.

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There are so many brands and types. What’s best! So hard to know.

I use G96 for everything and have been happy with it, FWIW.

Not worth much :slightly_smiling_face:

I tend to subscribe to the same philosophy as @sungazer. There are cleaning solvents, there are lubricants and there are rust inhibitors. I use those individually for their intended purpose.

Caveat, in a pinch, when I just want to quickly clean, wipe and store I’ll use Lanolin based stuff, but in general I won’t use all-in-one CLPs.

Clenzoil caught my eye as oil for wear reduction, hence my original question.