Clear definition of a fud (with example).

So some may hear this, ‘fud’. But what does it mean? Here’s a reader’s comment from a firearms related article in today’s The Age.

More to the point, the Shooters and Fishers party should be asked why they want a ban on silencers lifted? Being a shooter and fisher myself, I have no need for a silencer nor an automatic firearm, and am quite content that Australia’s firearms laws are fit for purpose, and should not be changed.

This is a fud. I don’t need a suppressor, so nobody else does. Disillusioned people like this guy make me sad. He is a definition of a fud. It’s about me, I don’t need it, therefore nobody else does. Me, me, me, because everyone is like me. Because I only need a single shot 30-06 and I only shoot it once every few months.

We are our own biggest threat. Regardless of whether you agree or disagree with whatever shooting niche, overall if we don’t vote as one, it will only get worse.

Yep, give that man a membership #. Based on the “I don’t need or use one, so no-one needs one” approach, we should ban the sale of sports cars, road registrable motor bikes, Lycra sports clothing, hand bags, lip stick, golf clubs, mud tyres for four wheel drives, cigarettes…

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Going on that example we should ban all cars that can go faster than 110kph.