Cleaning Martini Henry (blackpowder)

So I’ve discovered the joys of cleaning black powder :face_vomiting:

Pulled the bolt (block?) out, that’s the punch set and plank of wood (aka the bench block LOL) in the bottom photo.

Hung the old girl above a bucket (that’s the dowel).

Gave it a boiling water enema.

…then scrub, scrub, scrub.

I had to wrap some bore scrubbing thingy around a 45 caliber brush, because I forgot to buy one. Just ordered a 20ga brush. And oiled the heck out of it.

I hate blackpowder! Also, now I want a muzzle loader (my line has shifted after shooting one). I’d like a short carbine version (for extra tacticooleness). I know, I have a problem (not enough pew pew). There’s just so many to shoot and try LOL

I’ve always found cleaning the BP cartridge rifles quite relaxing, I swab with a patch wet with soapy (dish washing liquid) water a couple of times, flush with hot water (a luxury soldiers in the field did not have, all cleaning was with cold water only), swamp with WD40 or equivalent, wipe off, oil, put away. Never an issue. Military cleaning was done with Neatsfoot oil emulsion. I clean muzzleloaders the same way. Good to see you moving towards the Dark Side, Happy Smoking!!

Everyone wants a muzzle loader after shooting one. I see a 2 band Enfield or a Hawken in your future.

I give them a quick wire brush out first to get rid of some of the fouling then pore the boiling water down the barrel. 3-4 patches and it’s clean and ready for an oil.

This one is just filthy. I can run wet patches through it and they start coming out clean’ish, never clean. Then wire brush and back to the blackest of black when the patch comes out. I don’t think I will ever get it clean to the point where I can get a clean patch after a brush… Keep punching through layers and years of neglect.

Black powder guns look and are so fun, but the cleaning has always put me off owning them.
I even have one, 64 cal smooth bore, I always seem to want to shoot something else though.

My 91/30 is like that. Can clean for ages and never get a clean patch.

Same, with most milsurp. Not all, but those used in conflicts, definitely.

I have already put a foot in a very shady spot. :rofl:

Spent at least an hour cleaning on Sunday. FMD still dirty. I’ll have another go in a few days.

I’ve cleaned black powder before… I knew what I was getting into. I just don’t like it lol

Same here. Worse than lead.

That moment before it gets weird and I pour boiling water into my gun…