Clayton Firearms (VIC)

Who wants to chip in some reviews on clayton firearms in melbourne? Its usually my LGA but they don’t always seem to have the best prices or service. I’m also still waiting on them to let me know if my PTAs clear and its been a few weeks.

I think they’re okay, definitely on the pricey side, but I’m generally okay if the service is good.

I haven’t been there for a while now though. Last time I bought something from them, the dude selling it really pissed me off. I came in because I was looking for a specific scope, and the dude kept trying to up sell me one that was $100 more, but out of my budget.

Just the way he was so aggressive about it, and saying shit about how he knew much more than I did (which is still probs true lmao), and just to do what he told me. I would much rather drive further and go to Centreway now tbh.

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Very similar story here, I am pretty close and it used to be my shop of choice (by the way, do a bit of research, there are a few shops all within 20 minutes of each other in the area). My time is a bit more expensive than price difference, so I used to drop by there. However, like @Tempestman said, one guy there is just really abrupt and rude. Of course, your millage may vary, this is my opinion, but I found one specific guy there to be very incompatible with what I would consider good customer service. As if I am being an inconvenience on his time. Rest of the crew is fine. I actively just said no thanks, I’ll wait for someone and eventually just thought, screw this, I don’t come here to get that shitty feeling. As always, I just vote with my wallet and went elsewhere. I would estimate that behaviour cost them at least a few thousand dollars worth of opportunity cost.

As for prices, there’s a pretty clear split there, I think. The prices are on the higher end, but they do deal (mostly) in premium firearms and accessories, so the price difference between those and elsewhere is negligible. Safes and handguns (to order) seem to be very competitive there, go figure.

Reloading components/consumables there, that’s a completely different kettle of fish. I shoot a lot and I reload and I do both a lot more than I hunt, so with that in mind, there’s no way in hell I would be able to afford to shoot or reload in quantities I like if I was to buy my components there.

The right staff & good customer service is a big thing and within reason is generally more important to me than price.
My LGS has now gone to shite due to staff changes. A bloke who used to work with the owner years ago in another industry came along and knew nothing about guns, within twelve months the other four staff (good staff) were all sacked of left on their own and now this clueless clown is basically the manager of a shop that apart from the owner has absolutely no real industry or technical knowledge.
Over the past year the several things i’ve ordered from them have never arrived nor are even in their system anywhere, and the two things (out of about a dozen) that have arrived took me hassling them on a weekly basis. Now i’ve come to the conclusion that they’re just not worth my time.
Sad really.

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Yeah, I understand price disparity, your stuff is well paid, which is great, perhaps the rent in the area is a bit more pricey or suppliers are bleeding you, whatever… I don’t mind few extra bucks here and there to keep the industry as a whole going. And I don’t go there to talk shit and socialise, but at some point there’s a minimum baseline of customer service one expects and once that’s not there it gets personal (feeling unappreciated, insulted or both) and that’s when it’s all over and the customer is gone.

They have nearly always made me feel like a nuisance. I’ve had the same guy, grumpy turd. Most of them are fine. They are pricey and not my first choice, but I do use them when required.

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I think that is one of the “must” do things in a gun shop.
I find that not only do you get to know them but they get to know you and what you like, that way when something interesting comes in that falls into the category that you are into they let you know.
You also end up with some good information and though it is not so important, a discount.

I often will be there for an hour or more even though I was just going in to grab something that I had ordered. Other times they have dropped stuff off at home after hours because I have been away or couldn’t get there to grab it.

I am going to generalise here, this response has nothing to do with any specific shop…

@1Fatman, perhaps, in a small regional town. However, this is not the case for busy metropolitan stores. And it’s not the case with me, because my time is precious. I am there to get stuff to support my hobby, not waste time stroking someones ego and listen to fuddlore. I rather be home playing with my kids. In fact, I completely disagree, there should be a baseline level of customer service, regardless of you being a new, first time or a regular customer. Make me feel like shit or an inconvenience and I’ll just go somewhere else and won’t come back. And they should be the ones trying to strike up a conversation with me, not the other way around. All I ask for is little bit of politeness and manners, like I show everyone I deal with, nothing more.

Not quite true, I have a good relationship with 2 stores in Perth and while it maybe several months between visits they still remember me and always ask what is new and what I have been up to etc.
If it is a store that is close by and convenient to call in on the way home you can afford to spend 20 minutes talking and looking at new stuff etc as that is the time that you would save driving to the next shop. It only takes a few minutes to work out if they know what they are talking about so it is not if you have to spend all day there.

For new people to the sport or for people who cannot or are unsure on how to research stuff the LGS is the best place to find that information. As with everyone time is precious and expensive but it is worth taking the time.

The other good thing if you know them well is if there are issues you can tell the owner/manager who will then know and be able to take steps to fix it but if you just walk out and don’t say anything how will they ever know???

I agree with you, but when someone makes you feel like you’re an inconvenience to them, it’s game over.

Perth is still a large regional town :stuck_out_tongue:


We count it as a city cause you can’t hear the banjo’s any more :rofl:

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There are two LGS in Ballarat, one rubbed me the wrong way years ago and they can eat shit and die,the other one is RF Scott’s and I’m often found in there just talking shit. I was made to feel welcome, we all got to know each other, give each other shit etc. But when that old banger 12ga comes in I get pics texted to me along with something like “probably not shit and rusty enough for you” . We’re all very different in the things we like, but we’re all into guns and shooting, ill drive a bit further and sometimes pay a bit more, but sometimes I’ll get looked after in a way I’d never expected.


I was always loyal to RF Scott, when they were in the old city shop, and owned by the Pollocks. I will still drop in for the odd thing or two, but H Rehfisch is usually always cheaper, especially on 303 pills. Guy Rehfisch has gone out of his way, on several occasions to help me out now, so he has become my go to for most things.
I really like Centreway too! John does a great deal too!

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