Circuit Judge 44

Seriously, this! I’ve spent my fun budget for a while! But this is a good deal, assuming mechanically sounds.

Wouldn’t say this is a hunting gun, but FMD it’s a fun gun.

It should be ok for hunting if a 44-40 is considered enough for hunting the 44 mag should go a bit harder. Looking at the ballistic data I may change my lever gun choice of calibre.

I meant more of the practical side of the gun, there’s a bit of gas coming back in shooter’s face.

Yes that would be a bit nasty. I did think that may be the reason there was enough of that just using the 22.

Back when I used to shoot revolvers my S&W 44Mag had some really nasty blowback. There is absolutely no way I would have liked to have put that near my face. Hopefully the circuit judge is a better design for that type of use…

When I shoot Alfa, I wear glasses.

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Yeah, I used to always wear glasses with the S&W, but you’d often get stuff on your face… even though it was accurate and had a fantastic trigger, it wasn’t the nicest gun to shoot quite honestly.

Never had/have this issue with mine, in 357 though.

I always spend time thinking about them when they come up for sale. Umm…also, can you buy a spare stock for the Rossi or the Alfa Proj? Asking for a friend.

Probably not.

I’m pretty sure Boyd’s sells one for the Rossi.

Good luck getting it out of USA, they don’t ship over $100.

Yeah my GP100 in 357 Mag didn’t do it…

One of the gun shops in Melbourne was an importer for Boyd’s can’t remember the name. Was posted a while back on one of the other forums.

I got a stock directly from Boyd’s but yeah it was under the $100.

Ooo if you can remember, that’s be awesome. I have 2 on my list.

The Barn seems to have a very varied supply of them perhaps ask them if they would do a special order. A Hatchers stock is also an option or even a Trekin Stock.

Had the wrong state. It’s hunting haven in NSW,

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That’s good to know mate thanks!