Circuit Judge 22LR

Alright, so not for me, I have it’s younger cousin, but this is a freakishly good price for the most fun 22LR you can own in this nanny state of a country for a ridiculously good price ($650 in VIC).

Obviously, ask all the right questions, but damn that’s a fun gun.

Jump on it.

They are a fun one. I don’t use mine nearly enough though. Local SSAA range is single round feeding only.

Looks like either someone has or they had the wrong price - ad is gone.

There is this though-

That’s not a bad price. More than I paid but less than they normally go for.

$550 is a good price for Rossi coach these days. Won’t find it much cheaper. Just a cool dad gun. I got one, I feel very man. @bentaz finally allowed me in his reloading room. I had to show him registration certificate as proof of entry but whatever. It’s a very fun shotgun.

Rossi coach is a fun. Makes me feel much better about what I payed for mine

Has everyone got a Rossi Coach? :thinking:

I had one but i traded mine to my neighbor.
My brother has one too.

I thought we had to have one to be a member of the forum…

I had one when we started the forum, don’t tell JS I got rid of it lol

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