Chinese red dots...

The Truth Behind the One Chinese Red Dot Factory - YouTube

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One thing about manufacturing to spec from overseas is the venture that the Chinese Govt got into in the USA to make partnering work.

Chinese govt operates an agency in the USA, comprising of an accountancy and finance law firm that provides cover for both the chinese manufacturer and the USA retailer. Basically what they do is provide financial secutiry to both parties in the pursuit of successful Chinese manufacturing and export.

You own an outdoor store. You want to make your own brand of backpack, you have designs but not prototyping (or maybe you do) but you dont have the dollars to order 100,000 units to fill your stores.
What the CPC does is get you to agree to a pyament program. As you sell, you pay the manufacturer. The CPC also ensures that if the manufacturer screws you by sending you sub par products, you aren’t liable for payment. In the even you decide to skip payment and take off with the goods, their own USA based law firm hunts you down while they reimburse the manufacturer.

Quite clever as they draw from their existing talent pool of Chinese people enrolled in USA university immigrants whom they “Hecs Debted” from Shanghai.

Well that system isn’t working then. We got some product made, though an American partner company. They were sent drawings specs and samples. They were told we want these to this standard - price is what it is- we don’t care about getting them at the cheapest price - just quote us what it will cost. What was made was 50% lighter in metal (which was also a different alloy) and 1mm thinner in glass. POS, ended up scrapping 1000 units rather than sell rubbish. If a Chinese manufacturer can cheap out in any way they will.
Funny thing is the Americans loved them…

Not to mention how many congressmen they own…

Might even put Israel and Ukraine to shame

And I am here like a poor loser looking for someone to own me :cry: