Cheapest plinking 22lr VIC

G’day ammo super sleuths. wondering if anyone in Victoria can chime in with the cheapest prices they’ve seen recently for your run of the mill 40gr solids - typical plinking ammo.

I last stocked up earlier this year and bought a few bricks of Remington thunderbolt for $40 per 500. Absolute cracking deal i haven’t seen again, and i’m simply disappointed i didn’t buy more.

I normally ring around all my local stores and checkout other dealers websites (almost none post prices), and look for facebook/instagram posts alerting to specials, but theres seems to be an absolute void of deals at the moment.

Willing to travel all over the state, just searching for that elusive price again.

The cheapest 22LR that I’ve recently bought (1 month ago) was like $80 for a box of 555. That was the cheapest 22LR that Centreway had, and I trust them not to fuck me on price seeing that I buy a fair amount of stuff from them.
I think the last time I bought CCI Standards (6 months) was for like $90 a brick?

What kind of prices have you been seeing around?

not very good ones. I got a box of that 333 winchester 36gr HP for $55 earlier this year. I saw federal BYOB 1375 for $88 a box (yes you read that right). that was all roughly 12 months ago, and I haven’t looked since because i only do it when i need to stock up. looks like we’re all F’ed now tho.

I Haven’t ammo shopped in awhile! Centreway didn’t have any Armscor 22lr ammo? That used to be pretty cheap. I remember when CCI standard was $ 60 a brick or under $500 for a case of 5000.

Yeah, hard right now. And I am pretty sure it’s going to stay that way for a bit, while there’s backlog in factories overseas. From a couple of articles I read (who knows, maybe they just regurgitate each other) - there’s a 2 year lag. A fun shop guy I was talking to confirmed that, but I don’t know if it was creating urgency or based in fact, I suspect based in fact.

Personally, I would just buy a little when you can. Don’t let the c*nts rip you off, but also come to terms that prices went up and it’s expensive. Little by little buy a box here and a box there, every time you visit a shop or have a spare kidney.

I have boxes or Carcano ammo that I bought throughout COVID. At various stages… And one just before everything kicked off.


Mind you, these are all old stock. The $42 I felt obliged because the shop took care of me when I needed it, wouldn’t have purchased it otherwise, but leaving emptyhanded felt wrong. But… Yeah, industry is ripping people off right now. Could be to make up for downtime, could be to slow down sales and make stock last longer; but most likely because opportunity is there and they are in the business of making money.

Centreway is my go to, but Thornbury Firearms wasn’t too bad when I was there a while ago, NFI now, but worth a ring. Another option is to find a few dudes locally, cheap in and order a pallet from interstate. However, you’ll have to wait for that option, while “they” are negotiating with curriers to restart shipping.

Google firearm shops Melbourne or wherever you are, make a list and start calling.

there are still good deals out there. i saw armscor 22mwr for $14 for 50 at an adelaide gun shop a month or two back. i stocked up as much as my wallet could endure. things do pop up, and if you see it do not hesitate to be a dirty prepper and start hoarding haha.

That’s one of the articles I was talking about

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