Cheap trail boos for sa members

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I saw another ad, where they were literally selling by 100gm. If you’re large calibre pistol shooter (44, 45LC, etc) I’d jump on that soooo quick.

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As would i . If i had a spare 20 hours to do the drive haha

The two adds that are selling trailboss on ssaa are from the same guy and they are selling it by the 100 grm one add is $79 the other $99. Add a zero and that is the price per 1kg not so cheap.

Id shoot an air rifle before i pay those prices…

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Is it good in 45LC?

Good for.subs for the 308 as well

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2205 is great for subs in 308 too…but so is 8gns of just about anything south of 2205 in burn rate, with a 160 plus grain bullet…

I got 44MAG going just a tad over 800fps with TB from a 4" with 200gr projectiles. Flat primers, but that’s about it. So inferring from that, I bet 45LC + TB will work nice in a carbine. But geeez it burns filthy, dare I say dirtier than whatever dirt they use as powder in PPU. But, worked alright. Of course, it’s fast, so longer barrel could be counter-productive, but I recon it would do very well in 45LC, especially considering that it (45) was never meant to be anything crazy powerful.

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Can’t wait to shoot my RB Carbine…I bought the ladder peep sights for it too, so 200m gong hits should be fun!

Oh and didi tell you i have 3 cadets now?? Three stoogers Larry, Curly, and Moe! Moe is a 357 though…naughty boy…

As long as at least one is in 310 we can be friends :slight_smile:

My one is a really good shooter. @1Fatman sent me some projectiles to try, before I dropped money on CBE molds… 2205, his projectiles, all work really well.

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5 touching at 50m?

Nfi, was shooting steel. It did go ding. So there’s that.