Cheap reactive targets

Little tongue in cheek, but… Cheap reactive targets are not easy to come by, on eBay, around a $1 per decent size target. Sure… They you can shoot at them more than once, but ask yourself, are they really ‘reactive’?

I present to you!

Looking around online, various specials and what not at different supermarkets, bulk soft drink can be had for about or under 50c per can/bottle. Well worth a consideration. :smiley:

Pity watermelons are not that cheap.

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We like to use the 60 cent cans of diced tomatoes:grinning:


Oooooooo I like that!

Yeah there’s a good splatter factor:sunglasses:
I’m having trouble uploading photos (I think it’s the cover out here) but will post the results when I sort it out:+1::grin:

Some photos :beers:

22 mag @ 30 mtrs



[email protected]IMG_20180714_174158_2



Sure looks like they work better than Mallee watermelons, hey @juststarting.
JS and I were shooting at one of these last weekend, even the fruit up there is as tough as a Mallee bull.

Indestructible things.

Its hard [email protected]#kin country for certain. :grinning: :beers:
How’d they go against ya shotties???

They sort of just rolled with buckshot and 303 and yeah nothing else. Some sort of tactical mellons these are.

Yeah they ate buckshot like they were jellybeans, at one point I thought I could hear the melon laughing at me.

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:rofl: might have to get that punt gun going!!!:sunglasses: :beers:

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Beer cans full of water and shaving foam. This one was hit with an air rifle at 25 mt.:beers:

Not cheap but cans of expanda foam are fun to shoot, I had one with a blocked nozzle.

Sounds like that pesky watermelon needs a slug to shut him up

AHH… Finally a use for “MID STRENGTH” beer cans…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. :beers:

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I used to just shoot cheap cans of shaving cream but one can equalled one shot this way they go a bit further!! :rofl:

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