Cheap powder coz I'm nice


G’day guys, with the current shortages of powder and me not shooting much atm, I thought I’d offer up some of my excess powder to help you guys out.
Both Nobel #60 & #62 are direct replacements for all ADI powders, if you wanna use it as 2208 you just need to put more in.
Anyway only asking $600 For each rusty half full can.
Only $1000 For both rusty half full cans and if you buy both I’ll chuck in this also rusty half full can of Castrol degreaser liquid powder, which can actually clean and reblue your gun while you’re shooting it.


Very amusing, capitalist. Please face wall now.


I will pay 10k and not a penny less!!!

Ok but for that price I’m gunna keep the rust off the cans

Ok deal, but to save on shipping can you just put the power from both half cans into one, i’m sure they’ll mix just fine. If it’ll fit you can put the degreaser in there too, then it will clean the gun with every shot, like they say “work SMART not hard”.

Haha, I have an unopened can of Nobel #64…will I get $300 for it? No rust on the can though…

Yeah no worries, I read on another forum that if you mix the 3 together you get Nobel #61kleen.
Which is a direct replacement for all ADI powders.
It’s the powder that the Mongolian air force use in the mountain submarines, because it’s clean burning at altitude. Doesn’t matter what altitude even.