Cheap bore camera

These are a great bore inspection tool!


Not for that…but if your that way inclined…go for it…lol

With a 7mm diameter, how many rifles do you think it would be suitable for?
At least the Teslong starts at 22 cal, with larger adapters from there.

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.30 cal and up…but the one below is 5.5mm, which I think will do .22 cal

Would be interesting to see what the quality of the picture is.

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I will take some, with my 7mm one, when I get a chance…pretty damn good for the money

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I bought the Teslong and it is great. Before buying it I looked at a lot on ebay and aliexpress but non had the 90 deg mirror which is really a must. After getting the Teslong and being more than satisfied with it I did buy a cheap Aliexpress one. It works but it does not really do the job. I think it is more useful as an in wall inspection camera or something along those lines. for a bore scope they need a really short focus distance and that 90 deg mirror.

What he said

They do what I want them to do…depends how ANAL you want it I guess…lol…pun intended…

I have a teslong, works great and shows I’m good at turning barrels into dry river beds. Lucky they are a consumable like bullets and powder.