Chassis - Beware of this supplier

Ok so on the 11th of March i went to order 3 items totalling $596 from this mob who are apparently in Unanderra NSW, i was a bit hesitant as they didn’t have what i would call a protected payment option so i emailed them with a couple of questions and got an instant response which put my mind at ease.

So i ordered the parts on the 12/3/19, a couple of weeks later 2 of the items arrived with 2 complimentary items (2 stainless steel muzzle breaks that were huge and weighed a ton which they probably couldn’t sell and i didn’t really want but it was a nice gesture). There was also a hand written note on my invoice stating 1 item was out of stock and was 6 weeks away, i figured that’s all good i can wait.

3 months go by and i’m wondering about my other item so i ring them & the phone goes straight to voicemail & i leave a message, after no reply i email them, no response. then i start getting annoyed so i sent a couple of emails and left a couple more messages over the next week or so which i still gets no response.

Eventually i sent an email saying i was reporting the transaction with my bank and i got an instant response apologising for the problem and that it will be here shortly. So i let it go and said ok i’ll give it another week.

2 weeks go by and still nothing So i try and contact them again saying it’s now almost 4 months and i still have no part so i want a refund…once again no reply, so i told them i wasn’t chasing them this time and if they didn’t have my money refunded by Monday again i’d have to report it to the bank. As usual they replied to the threat and promised to have it refunded by the Monday (which gave them 3 working days to sort it).

Monday comes, Tuesday comes… still no refund and no contact from them so i contacted the bank and they are going to chase up the $248 Chassis systems still owe me.

My opinion of this company i will keep to myself, but i just felt it was important to warn others of what happened to me so they don’t get caught out as well.

That’s rough. Hope everything works out. No winners in situations like this.

Thanks JS, yep it’s a shame when businesses act this way, especially for such a trivial amount of money. Can’t let them get away with it on principle though.

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So almost 5 months down the track after notifying them of the filed dispute they have finally refunded my money. It’s a shame they didn’t do the right thing in the first place, they could have still had more business from me. Oh well their loss i guess.

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