Changing Barrels. Martini Enfield.

Got lucky (Maybe) today and picked up a Martini Enfield 303 barrel pretty cheap. It is not pretty but the rifling is in much better condition than the one fitted to my rifle- mine is so bad I have not been game to fire it, since finding it after 30+ odd years sitting in a cupboard uncleaned & getting it registered.
Anyway, I have never removed and refitted a barrel to an action, so I’m hoping for reassurance that all I need to do is to strip everything down, make an action holder (or use soft jaws in a vice) and a spanner and simply unscrew and screw in the new barrel. Or details of someone in Victoria to do the job.

303s can be very hard to remove. I tried to remove one but have been unsuccessful so far. Talking to some other people it seems not un common and one of the solutions is to in the lathe remove the shoulder of the old barrel to relive the stress.

If it doesn’t come off easily take it to a gun smith one that is good with 303’s