Central sight M98 Mauser....

Hi all. A good one for the target gurus amongst us. Does anyone know how a No4 Central peep sight is mounted to an M98 Mauser action?? I have seen a couple over the years, but never took a whole lot of notice, but now I want to mount one on my M98, to shoot in H class service rifle competition. I’m happy to make the mount/bracket, I would just like to see how it’s done, before I do it all wrong. The action has been tapped for a scope base.
Thanks in advance!!

Fixed my problem, with this baby! Parker Hale M80 long range target sight!! Yay!! I will get to enjoy my 3006 FN Mauser in some H class competition, it’s only taken me 5 plus years to build!


Nice find. Am I looking at this right, you mount that on the rear scope taps? The peep sight is on the left? Elevation on top, windage bottom?

Yes those 2 holes I may use to mount where the existing holes are tapped on top of my action, but i may have to machine/modify the mount interface slightly.

The scale on this pic rests/faces left hand side of the action.

This is what I had on it, but I wanted something with target turrets.
Its Cerakoted grey, and has a bent bolt handle now, it’s almost finished…the FN really is a smooth as silk action.


I’m turning iinto a peeping Tom…I’m going to buy this for my 3oh25!


I missed it! It sold on first 5 mins!! Damn it!

Don’t worry mate I’ll get it back up for sale as soon as it turns up, bloody won’t be $150 though. $$$ :rofl:

Seriously though, that bloody sucks mate.

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