CBE not taking orders??

Anyone know much about Cast Bullet Eng. not making molds?? Damn hope he gets back soon!

I know he has been advertising the business for sale for a while, I think CBE is his second side business, not his main job.

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And possibly health issues, also read something on the site a while ago, so who knows… Maybe you are holding on to a bit of history at this stage. Or they are dealing with something and will come back later… Maybe just need a break.

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Seems to be a recurring issue in the local industry - people get old and sick and close up shop.

…and to be brutally honest, hard to compete with Lee at $60 a pop with handles, which does the same thing for 90% of stuff people are casting for.

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Yes and no…if you dont mind overheating of the alloy mold, then frosty inconsistent bullets…Lee are lucky dip I find.

I do mind. To counter that, I usually cast for two calibres, rotating the moulds and giving them a chance to cool down. Don’t get me wrong, CBE makes excellent and very hard to come by moulds. They are just unproportionally expensive. I own a few CBE moulds, but only because nobody else made what I needed. If they were a little more expensive, they would be my first choice. But 300%-400% more expensive, that’s hard to justify.

Well I too rotate molds and cast for multiple rifles at the same time, but the alloy molds still overheat to stuff my rhythm up. I guess, I make my own handles, so I only need the CBE mold.

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Got a reply from CBE, stating he may make molds in the new year…


Just checked the website and the notice has been removed so I am assuming that it is back to business as usual

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