CBE not taking orders??

Anyone know much about Cast Bullet Eng. not making molds?? Damn hope he gets back soon!

I know he has been advertising the business for sale for a while, I think CBE is his second side business, not his main job.

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And possibly health issues, also read something on the site a while ago, so who knows… Maybe you are holding on to a bit of history at this stage. Or they are dealing with something and will come back later… Maybe just need a break.

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Seems to be a recurring issue in the local industry - people get old and sick and close up shop.

…and to be brutally honest, hard to compete with Lee at $60 a pop with handles, which does the same thing for 90% of stuff people are casting for.

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Yes and no…if you dont mind overheating of the alloy mold, then frosty inconsistent bullets…Lee are lucky dip I find.

I do mind. To counter that, I usually cast for two calibres, rotating the moulds and giving them a chance to cool down. Don’t get me wrong, CBE makes excellent and very hard to come by moulds. They are just unproportionally expensive. I own a few CBE moulds, but only because nobody else made what I needed. If they were a little more expensive, they would be my first choice. But 300%-400% more expensive, that’s hard to justify.

Well I too rotate molds and cast for multiple rifles at the same time, but the alloy molds still overheat to stuff my rhythm up. I guess, I make my own handles, so I only need the CBE mold.

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Got a reply from CBE, stating he may make molds in the new year…


Just checked the website and the notice has been removed so I am assuming that it is back to business as usual

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Back in business!! Yay!

Late to the party fella… I got mine after they re-oped :slight_smile:

That’s a good poke, methinks, with a temporary closure of CBE orders. Take note, @Nomis.

In generally I try to have a mold, well, not try, I go out of my way to do so, for any old obscure or uncommon firearm I have.

I only cast for a small handful, if I can buy projectiles - that’ always the first choice (with the exception of 45-70, because those are ripoff to buy). Anyhow, well worth having a backup plan, in case bullet supplies for weird and obscure dwindle, as it already has for two of my rifles.

Fun fact… Even buying cast bullets doesn’t guarantee success. For example, the Black Widow 310 Cadet projectiles have an oversized heel and creates a bulge in the brass, making it a lottery on whether it’s going to chamber or not and requires FL sizing of a finished cartridge. Puzzling how they can sell shit like that, but whatever… CBE mold will fix that, so that’s that.

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I love the whole self sufficient/ unlimited bullet supply! Jacketed stuff, is getting more expensive everyday…6.5mm bullets are ridiculous price now, thanks to the manbun creedmoor popularity

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I’m going buy more shortly, for my .308 Subsonic target Omark project…I’m going all out on another fully adjustable alloy stock…

Alloy? Chassis? @MaxJon? I know I am a fan, but you… I can’t help but think this is some sort of a ‘come rescue me, I’ve been kidnapped by the greens for “voluntary” reeducation’ signal.

p.s. totally agree, jacketed bullets are bit expensive right now. Stocked up in bulk, now I am hoping when this shit is over it will stabilise again or even reduce in price due to over supply. That said, depends what and how much you shot. Stuff I shoot A LOT I buy, but I buy cast.

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Yes I made my own for my Anschutz Smallbore rifle years ago…sold it, because I got offered too much money for it, but should have kept it…the parts could be handy now…