Casting fun times


All ready to bang out some slugs and a few .58’s for @juststarting (so I can shoot his snider)
when this happens, LOL!

That’s not meant to happen, lol!
It seems that all the crap and corruption from melting range lead has clogged up the valve seat (or what ever you wanna call it).
So pulled it apart and gave it all a good clean up with steel wool.


and after.

Some of the crap I cleaned out of it, there was lots more.
So this here is all I managed to cast today lol!

From now on I’ll make ingots in a pot on a gas burner and only put nice clean lead into the lee pot.

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Very artistic molding job, sell it to one of those yuppy art galleries and tell them it represents the anguish of life. They will snap it up.

On another note, how’s the arm and neck going?

Lol, yeah maybe I missed my calling in life, maybe i’m really an artist…

Neck / arm is getting better, thanks mate.

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My highly technical casting equipment. Works for me.

That’s how I will make my ingots in the future, but for actual casting the bottom pour pot speeds things up a whole bunch. You know except for those times when you have to empty it out, wait for it to cool down and then pull it to bits and clean all the crap out of it lol, didn’t get any cast today.
Did manage to resize and prime a bunch of .243 brass while it cooled down at least.

That’s how I make ingots. Used ladle, but after getting bottom poure, no way I can go back.

I use it for both ingots and casting bullets. Very technical. Too technical for most. :joy:

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Pot works a treat again after its clean out.

Only use clean lead in bottom pour pots.
Melting scrap lead, range lead, wheel weights or whatever in a metal pot over a gas burner, fluxing it and cleaning out the crud before pouring into ingots is the way to go.

Sadly I learn all my lessons the hard way :pensive:

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Anyone that hasn’t had that happen with a bottom pour pot, hasn’t dones much casting.

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Righto then, let’s make an ingot!

Cupcakes time!

Yea… cupcakes!

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