Casting for 357 Lever Action

G’day Gents

Any recommendations for a mold for casting for a Marlin 1894 in 357 Mag?

Like something around the 158 gn and would like to use them for a close range pig load and of course a bit of plinking.

For lever action you probably want RNFP (round nose flat point) to feed reliably. Don’t know about pigs though. But they definitely kill paper, steel plates and tins of tomatoes. And you would be sending them fast enough that you’d probably want to start considering coating to avoid brushing lead out of our bore. Can’t recommend a mold, but can recommend Demon projectiles, also HRBC and Black Widow, but Demon are best in my opinion. I am sure there are others…

Once you pop you can’t stop, I’d just be buying those and cast stuff more expensive or impossible to buy. It’s a lot of work to cast and coat 500 pills, but it’s a lot less work in using them, so that’s my logic - just buy common cast stuff.


That’s my theory. I run Spartan and HRBC 158gr RNFPs and have been extremely happy with them.

Thanks gents

Try casting cores, then swaging, then coating…now thats a lot of work…

Nah, too much time investment, I just buy cast+coated :slight_smile:

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Yeah, i had grand swaging plans…too bad the jackets out of the USA, are now the price of finished bullets here. But i do have a lifetime supply of .452, and .358 lead bullets, with the setup.