Casting .452 (45ACP) question

Just wondering if anybody casts for 45ACP and what mould you use?

Not casting for 45 but I am casting for 44 mag. Using Arsenal 5 cavity aluminium mold, great molds, well machined and tolerances are perfect.

I’m powder coating my bullets and for this, using taper crimp, not roll crimp. So my challenge, is finding a simple .452 RNFB or RNBB mold without lube and without crimp groves. Surprisingly hard.

Something like this:

If you email Arsenal, they will make almost anything you want or modify existing designs. I have had 3 custom molds made by them for no extra cost, had a 90 grain .32 cal mold with no lube grooves and bevel base for use in 7.62 x 25 and it is perfect for CZ52 when coated with Hi-Tek.

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Was going to say, oooo a TT, but then I read CZ and meh :stuck_out_tongue: I wouldn’t mind Soviet WW2 issued one. Apparently improvement over Hi-Power in some way, according to Hickok45

Emailed Arsenal, no response.

Why is it so hard to find a bloody straight wall 45ACP mold!

They may be on lock down or something silly. They normally reply very quickly and are really helpful, try sending another email.

I have a swage die setup for .452 bullets. Smooth sided, RN and Hensley & Gibbs SWC, designed to feed in the 1911. They shoot well, but are not quite as hard as cast.

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yeah, smooth sided .452 moulds seem to be nonexistent for hobbyist. There are certainly commercial moulds, because this is what I buy… But nobody makes them for, ‘home use’ for the lack of a better term. Haven’t had a reply from anyone overseas and CBE confirmed that they don’t make smooth side moulds either. Kind of sucky, but it is what it is I guess.

I sell a few, if your interested in trying some, unlubed or lubed with 45 45 10