Casings, Cartridges and Bullets

The things that come out the end of your firearm are bullets acting as projectiles. The things that go into the cases with powder and primers to form cartridges that can be loaded into your firearm are BULLETS (or shot or slugs in the case of shotguns).

End of semantic dummy spit.

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How many bullets does your clip hold?

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Mine hold 5

But i can fit two clips in a mag!

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Scatter gat take 10 bullet clips? Wow. Greens will hear of this!

Oh, god help us all…

:rofl: :rofl::rofl::beers:

So where do “shells” fall into?

Artillery :beers:

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I have a bunch of 308 shells. I don’t think they are artillery.

Arty and rapid fire paramilitary adlers

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5 full bullet clips, coz that’s how I roll!

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Not even enough for a “Mad Minute” :rofl:

No but I sure could have a “slightly annoyed several seconds”!

Was from a 50 pack of 357 mag ammo I bought years ago

What may work not that I have seen it for a while is the fluro light diffusers. I think i have some in the shed being used in an old fish tank.

That’s what I thought it was.