Canada puts freeze on handgun ownership, longarm magazines capped at 5 rounds

Longarm magazines must be permanently altered to accept no more than 5 rounds

Wont people have fun with this little chunck of bullshit!

These liberal governments are concerning, it’s like they all try to out do each other.

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I can already foresee a million and 1 YouTube videos about it haha

Remember that in other countries, “liberal” means left.

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Thats the way…punish the good guys…

Yep, know that. Quite ironic that the most controlling groups are called liberals.

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It’s a proposal, not a freeze.

Now consider how much ammo is being sold in Canada today and tomorrow. Oooohhh boy. Here I was thinking we are on the tale end of ammo shortage… Wrong!

sigh all I can say is, make sure you have enough to ride through this for the next 24 months. I thought it’d be like 18, but I’ve updated my estimates.


The truckies made Trudeaus dick look very very small and pretty fuck’n limp and now he’s a little embarrassed & scared. He’s realised what those annoying bloody citizens can do armed with trucks, just imagine what they could do if they had guns too…
Gotta hand it to the Canadians and the French, those buggers will raise bloody hell against their governments when they piss them off.

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Yes its going to force me to shoot 38 Special brass in my 357 magnum cadet!!

@MaxJon, why? It would be easier to go with 2205 than anything you’d load in a 38.

Because i don’t have enough 357 brass…you took the last bag, i knew of from @bentaz before i could!

It may have been 1 of 3 people you know LOL It could have been me. It could have been @1Fatman or @Brett :slight_smile:

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Grrr…going to see if there’s any factory stuff when home…

There is a tone of factory, you just got to pay for it :slight_smile:

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Never bought 357 factory before…probably pricey

Generally anywhere from $35 to $65 per box of 50 depending on what brand & quality you get.

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