Can anyone give me a reloading recipie for1860 Henry 45 Colt for hunting?

1860 Henry 45 Colt load recipie for hunting ?

Being a reproduction, it would fire any modern load. What projectile weight are you running?

They are over $2 each tho.
I’ve got a heap of brass n was hoping to use maybe a a 250gr bullet but just not sure what the toggle link action will handle

Do you reload already?
The ADI manual will have Trail Boss load data that’s very mild to shoot, but any factory ammo equivalent load will be safe.

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No mate I don’t but I’m about to give it a go , I’ve bought a lee kit and dies but still gotta go get projectiles , powder and primers , just asking the question here first :+1:

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Grab a copy of the ADI manual, it’s only about 15 bucks and it’ll have all the load data you need mate.
Be very careful getting load data from people online, I have seen some very unsafe advice given out by self proclaimed experts.

Thanks for you’re help and advice👍

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Yeah was going to direct you to the ADI website as a start. If it’s a modern Henry repro, it will safely fire any commercial .45LC . , Same as the Winchester. The 73 and 66 toggle links are proofed for modern ammo.
Any reload would simply want to stay within commerical load ballistics. Check the manual, Choose a projie weight, choose a powder, have a go. Most recommendations would be useless any way. Slower powders would probably benefit in a rifle.

Being a pistol cartridge, factory ammo is loaded to pistol pressures, ( around 14000psi ), so that it can be safely used in any standard pistol. In reloading for your rifle, do not exceed loads that replicate factory loadings. In .45 LC, a 250gr standard load is going to be around 900f/s, bit slow for hunting unless you’re real close.
There is +P loads available but it is not advisable to use them in any toggle-link action rifles, especially brass framed ones. You have to remember that these rifles were designed for black-powder pressures and even modern replicas are built to the same design, albeit with modern metallurgy and machinery.


This is the link to the ADI loads for .45LC; none of them are particularly impressive. They’re fine for cowboy action and similar stuff (including gallery rifle) but it will apparently drop a deer quite effectively at close range.

The only other powders you can reliably get at the moment are from Alliant; load data from them is here:

Like @danmac says, don’t try and run +P loads in a toggle-link rifle. The Model 1892s and Marlin 1894s can handle them, the 1860s and 1873s can’t.


I wouldn’t recommend +P ammo in a toggle link either.

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