Can any Police Officer be a Referee in Vic?

Hey all,

I sent off my Paperwork with I.D etc. for my firearms license this morning. I had a Police Officer that I know sign off on my ID etc. as my referee, going off where it says this in the acceptable referee’s section:

“A member of the Australian Federal Police,
or of the police force of a State or territory,
who in the normal course of his or her
duties, is in charge of a police station.”

We took this to mean a police officer who is in the charge of a Police Station, ie. having a police station they are under charge of and report to etc. But now I’m worried that it might mean it has to be a Police Officer who is actually in charge of a Police Station. The way it’s worded is a little confusing.

The reason I’m second guessing myself is because in the box next to the one I mentioned above, it says: “A member of the Australian Federal Police,
or of the police of a State or Territory, of or
above the rank of sergeant.”

I’m checking his rank but does this mean my application will bounce. I had assumed any Police Officer would be fine. So I’m just wondering if anyone here knows or can confirm if my referee will check out or not. If not, I’ll have to reprint my I.D points and send off a new copy under my GP or Accountant.


Wait and see but I suspect that even if it does mean a higher rank police officer, they may not be too worried about that.


I think there is a certain rank that is required for Stat decs and certifying other docs as true copies. so I would think that the same would apply. However when you look at the requirements of other people that can sign off I would consider any Police officer the equivalent. Sorry no help but they should get back to you pretty quick if there is an issue.

Yeah I wasn’t sure how strict they would be on the fine details.
Should I contact them and ask directly or wait and see if it’s an issue? I’d hate to get to the end of the 28 day waiting period to have them say “Sorry, your referee doesn’t suffice and you’ll need to start again”

My first application I used my doctor as a ref. I cant remember what he did wrong but it was only about a week before the application was sent back. I then used my Post office guy. Country town he was the boss and knew me for ages no problems.

They don’t wait 28 days and then look at your application. For me, it was approved in a week and then I waited out the rest of the 28 days.

I’d wait for them to contact you. It may not be an issue.

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It should be fine. LRD believe it or not are not arseholes. They might ask for additional doco, but you won’t be asked to start again. But, it should be fine.


The fact that you have a police officer that can say they have known you x amount of time and is happy to sign off on your application, would be a pretty darn good indication of your suitability. I’m tipping you’ll be all good. :beers:

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