Buying from Cleavers

Its no secret that Cleavers seem to have the lowest prices for most guns. It also seems to get thrown around that they are buying direct from the US and not using the local importers such as NIOA. That is not necessarily a bad thing. However it may be an issue if a warranty claim is needed.

My question is really if it looks like you are going to save $500 would you buy from them? and if so who do you think it is best to use to do the transfers. I hate being put in the spot where you have to use the LGS. I have bought guns from gunsmiths before but in those instances they were buying the action and making the gun.

They actually do both. They do buy from NIOA and they also directly import themselves. When they buy from NIOA they generally buy in bulk compared to other LGS, so even going through them i would assume they get better deals due to quantity.
They aren’t my usual LGS but i do get stuff from them fairly regularly because when they have their sales i buy in bulk.
Like recently they had reasonable quality Browning fmj 45acp for like $25 per 50. How can you not buy 5000 rounds of that?
The time before that was the 9mm syntech for under $20 a box (i think it was $18.50 from memory), i ended up with 15,000 rounds of that, it sounds like a lot but it makes the next years worth of range days cheap as chips.

To answer your question YES buy from them, the money is better in your pocket than someone elses. For the transfer use your closest LGS and if they don’t understand why you used cleavers then they really don’t give a damn about you either & just want your money.

The guys at my dealer are honest with me and on several occasions have said i’m mad if i don’t take certain cleavers deals.

Club armourers can also receive firearms so you could use one of them too

In the past I have bought 2 Howas from them one a complete rifle the other a barreled action and the LGS at that stage said they couldn’t get them that cheap. That GS has now gone out of business but I think it was due to a whole lot of reasons, not just being a bit expensive.

Yep i’ve been shown the invoices & buy prices of my LGS on a few occasions so i could see their buy prices which were higher then what the cleavers sale price was.

Also for cheap guns you can try RPG Firearms he’s a grumpy old bugger but can get some excellent deals which include shipping to your dealer.
You have to give him and exact model number of the spec you want and he’ll get back to you with a price.

I got a CZ usa 457 Precision trainer gun through the Barn (read cleavers) as they aren’t available through Winchester Australia.

By reloading :slight_smile:

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Nah…too much like hard work.

Cleavers has absolutely horrible customer service. Basically bunch of c*nts, without manners or any sort of social skills. Also, you can’t trust their website. Whenever possible I try not to buy from them.

Other than that, if you call and confirm, factoring in their good specials and prices, I do buy stuff from them quite a bit.

It’s a love hate relationship. To answer your question, call, confirm, verify shipping charges and you’ll be fine… They have bunch of cheap good and hard to find stuff.


Horses for courses I suppose. I do shoot a lot though, so factory for me is just not an option.

Actually spoke over the phone with RPG a couple of times. I thought he was nice :slight_smile:

Yeah he is nice, but can be a grump bugger, i know a couple of people who weren’t really sure what they wanted and/or had a few too many questions or wanted him to price up a few too many options who ended up like this lol.
stewie rocking

In saying that i’ve never had a problem with him either, i just don’t think he appreciates people who aren’t sure of what they want. It’s like the Soup Nazi do something wrong and “NO SOUP FOR YOU”

There are two types of LGS

Those who are happy to do the transfer and hope they’ll see you later to buy ammo and accessories and stuff.
And those who charge $200 if the gun comes from Cleavers.

Then again there are only two guns shops here in Darwin so…Im right!

I often buy from Cleavers if they are having a special on what I need and my LGS can’t match them.

My LGS was the one who told me to buy my .22 and .357 from over east ass they could not match the price.
They are happy to have it sent o them and charge me nothing extra.

I have no problem with buying from Cleavers. I think they are doing us a service keeping the other shops Honest to a point.

I do have a problem with some of the shops that charge extra high fees for buying a gun from an interstate shop.

I would happily buy local if the difference was only going to be $100 but when it starts to get to be $500 on only a $1500 rifle then its all out of whack.

So finding a “Good” Dealer in Vic that doesnt charge to much extra or can get close to the price is the aim. Then I was looking at perhaps other options which may have been say Gunsmiths that could pocket a bit of extra not exorbitant cash.

Yep. Pretty much.

Still c*nts though lol

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You think their service is bad on the phone, try going in there it’s very hit & miss. Once after waiting nearly 20 mins i actually rang them from inside the shop & got onto someone and asked them to go and look at a certain handgun, when the guy got there i said now talk to the bloke in front of you and hung up, then talked to him face to face. He thought it was pretty funny but was also a little embarrassed as i guess i’d made my point.

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@juststarting is right they are c*nts!!! from my xp and my friends and families xp we have never had a positive transaction period, and we have given them the benefit of the doubt a few times.

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I prefer to buy a little more locally. Once you include the cost of shipping to driving there, if Cleaver’s aren’t reasonably accessible to you, then their pricing can be much of a muchness. I have never bought a firearm from them just odds and ends. If I would save a few hundred dollars buying a rifle from them, then I would. I don’t own a money tree so the saving can go to a good scope, reloading components etc, etc

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