Buying cleaning accessories

Where do you blokes buy your cleaning brushes etc. At about $7 they seem dear for what they are.

You can get cheap ones on eBay etc but they’re usually crap. 6 or 7 bucks for a brush you’ll have forever seem ok to me.

I support my local gun shop so my money stays in Australia and don’t send my money overseas to China (although the importer probably gets them from China ) I am a cheapskate too but can afford the $6.95 ea . The shop probably only makes a $ or 2 on them. Support your local I suggest…


BRT in brizzy. 30 bucks for a dozen bronze, 33 bucks for nylon.
Yes, they do wear out, but at that price does it matter?

Usually Aliexpress.

I get mine from my local as well. He is pretty good on his price and is only about 600 meters down the road.

Mmmmm, hadnt thought of the quality side. Just seems about $7 is a bit rich for what they are. They would all be made in China for 2c. Grabbed a couple last night off fleebay for $4. Ill see what the quality is like when they arrive in a couple of weeks.

I get most from either or BRT and a few from brownells in the states.