Buying 300 win mag which one?

My son is going to buy a 300 win mag and I was wondering if any of you blokes have any thoughts on best all round and rugged type rifle also accuracy we looked at sako but quality and feel are lacking in them now compared to the older ones also their price has gone up nearly $1000 in 2 years making them around $3000to $3700 bit hefty in price so just wondering if you blokes can help decide CHEERS and thanks

@anon19591382 if you want to go something European with an excellent build quality I don’t think you pass on checking out the Sauer range. They have some really nice rifles out at the moment with some super slick actions. But on the total opposite end of the spectrum a friend of mine has a franchi horizon chambered in 300WM which was totally a budget buy. Because he is a really rough and tough guy himself he like that it came with a 7 year mechanical warranty, but all that aside it shoots really well.

I’ll throw Verney-Carron in to the mix. Definitely at the upper end of pricing, but worth taking a look at, as a hunting gun.

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Thanks fellas i’ll let him know I think price and reliability is what he’s after in the long run but we’ll see thanks again

Tikka would have to be in the mix. I haven’t seen a bad one of those. Just stay away from any plastic stocks.

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There is always Weatherby though you will only get it in 300 Weatherby Magnum I think.

I’ve seen 2nd hand weathabys in win mag
This would be a good buy.

Have played with that one… It’s worth the money. It is a beautifully made rifles and handles well and very lite. There’s another one, I think Xilux or Hilax or something similar by Browning, I forget the name but it’s similar and I liked the action more. But they are pretty sexy rifles.


The browning looks like a beautiful peice of equipment at not a bad price point too. There’s a lot really quality guns out there at the moment, it’s really hard to make a decision with without laying hands on them.

Isn’t the ruger precision rifle coming out in 300wm…lol

As said already consider a tikka, the varmint barrel is exactly the same between the tikka and sako.

The other suggestion is a howa. But a decent aftermarket stock. Likely can be around 1k plus scope

This is the one I am talking about:

Merkel Helix Speedster

Browning’s bolt moves back when you rack it and I felt like in a rush, there’s a chance of whacking yourself in the face with it. Merkel Helix has bolt contained, so there’s no way to hurt yourself.

I like that one a lot more than the Browning, but both are soooooooo good.

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That one looks real nice but not sure about the stock.

Whooah merkel are innovative fired 6x times only “One” empty ejected that’s crazy. Lol all BS aside looks pretty sweet

Some nice looking rifles there and thanks but I’ve just found out he might be looking at a second hand Howa s/s he’s going to give them a ring Monday if all goes well so thanks again for the help cheers

Solid utilitarian choice lol. I understand. Although… I’ve handled Howa 308 and it seemed quite heavy for field work. Maybe I’m just soft. I imagine 300WM would have a lot more steel to carry. I have some nice guns, but my second-hand faithful Browning X-bolt is still my favourite for hunting and has no competition. Although, I have recently seen 2 I liked, but one was $3k and the other by Remington, so ol faithful it is.

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GDB, don’t bother with one of those. Tell him to buy a the well proven 30-06. Its been around a lot longer (since 1906) and cheaper to shoot.


Sheesh, just joking

I just so 30-06 and decided that it was inappropriate content :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah mate i’m still trying to get the money together to rebarrell my 30-06 it’s a mauser ‘‘Hyem’’ made in America under mauser licence I believe I think they ended up having a big court case over that agreement eventually or so i’m lead to believe