Bunnies, bunnies everywhere

Every time I go home from my local shooting range, I pass Braiside Park. And every time without fail with at least a few hundred rounds of ammunition and some fire power I drive past these arseholes! They know! They know!

Today I though I’d stop and take a few photos for you…

No fucks given, even when I pulled over - view from front
N.B. Take note of the bush on the right-hand side.

View from front passenger window

…driving past the bush, maybe 20 meters and pulling over again.

And this is just a small fraction.


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Lots of bunnies here this year as well.

That must shit you.
I’m so sick of the rabbits around home where I can’t shoot them.

mmmmm 2 words, air rifle lol.
We get the same with roo’s at the back of home, they just sit there looking at you and there is nothing you can do about them.