Bullets HITTING Bullets in Slow Motion

Interesting stuff…

Bullets HITTING Bullets in Slow Motion - THE IMPOSSIBLE SHOT - Smarter Every Day 287 - YouTube

Looks puurdy, but the commentary is super interesting as well.

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That was very cool.
They just need some soft lead, pure lead .58 minnie balls or the like, I think the boolits they are using will have tin or antimony etc. In the mix to make them harder.
The original civil war version would most likely of been larger than .45 and pure (soft) lead.

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And travelling a lot slower!


They moved to loading with Trail Boss towards the end, that should go slow enough for them. I am keen to see the next episode of this when ever it comes.

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They did a good job of getting it to work though. You guys are right slower and softer. But their machine isnt really set up for that.

They just need to cast some soft pills to load and they should be fine.