Bullet puller hammer

I have a pile of assorted old ammo that’s been swimming and is now useless, rather than have it sitting around I started pulling the pills today.

Ten rounds in, my piece of shit plastic bullet hammer broke the screw on holder.

I only load .223 so getting a collet style would be a waste just for a one off use on the old crap.

I found something by a mob called quinetics, it’s also plastic :roll_eyes: but has a “lifetime warranty”.

Whether that’s the lifetime of a human or a housefly it doesn’t say.

The shit that just broke cost me about $20 so I guess that’s a lesson learned.

Has anyone got one or know anything about them.
Prices at different retailers vary from $70-125.

I think mine is a RCBS I use it with a shell holder instead of the crappy multifit gizmo it comes with. Have removed quite a few with it and no breaks I hit it against a concrete floor. Breaks seem a pretty common occurrence from the number of complaints I have read online.

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There’s half a dozen varieties, none of which I use so I’d have to go with the gizmos that come with the hammer.

The whole idea of a plastic hammer smells like planned obsolescence to me but it seems my only option other than taking it to popo and letting them deal with it.

For the quantity that you have, your best option is the hammer. They are all much of a muchness, I have smashed one exactly like you - the plastic retaining nut went. There are dies with bushings… I use those when I have A LOT of mistakes to deal with, I highly recommend those. But for a handful of ammo, kinetic hammer is your best option (to preserve the bullet).

I’ve broken one, but then the one I replaced it with has been going strong for 20+ years. Pulling factory ammo with a crimp is hard on them, that’s how the first one broke, pulled 120 rounds of RWS 6.5x57, both the kinetic bullet puller and me were stuffed at the end of that session.

Yep, I’ve got one of those Quinetics. Had it for something like 35+ years. Hasn’t let me down. Yet.

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OK, that’s what I like to hear :beers:

Thanks guys.

Ive broke an RCBS, and now have the Lyman. Not a hope in hell it will pull PPU .357 Mag factory rounds. It will break before it moves a bullet. Tips??

RCBS - we sold hundreds of thousands of these, so surely they must work.
@MaxJon - it’s made of plastic and not even blued, must be shit. :laughing:

It will work fine. I use it to do exactly that, only instead of factory I pull stuff with a much heavier crimp.

Tip: rubber mat or something other than naked concrete/brick. Best surface to smash it on is concrete, but have a thin rubber mat or something on it.

Alternatively, Hornady Cam-Lock Bullet Puller (projectilewarehouse.com.au) and a suitable bushing. I use both, depending on how bad I screwed up and how fast I want to unscrew the situation.

Anything over a box of ammo, I’d go for the die.

Die works really well for jacketed bullets, but if you are pulling cast, it will damage the pill. I use it to pull jacketed bullets, to reclaim everything neatly. Or cast, when I need everything else and bullets go in the melting pot

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There’s a tendency to overtighten the retaining nut, that plastic bit at the top that secures the collet that holds the case. I recon this and using wrong sized collets (eh close enough) is the cause of breaking them. At least for me, once.


Yes plastic shit…but i think.it will work, i was a bit scared to hit it too hard, on a wooden chopping block. I will try your rubber suggestion

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My old one was RCBS. Belted the living day lights out of it. Whacked it on the bench, on the tiled floor, the press, the safe. That thing was amazing. Eventually died of broken collets. The plastic outlived the metal. Thousand rounds or close to, meaning four to eight thousand strikes.

The replacement hornady one is piss.

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Finally managed to pull these 357 PPU…The bullets measure .355-.356…so if they dont shoot in your .357 then this could have something to do with it…Some took 20 hits with puller, and some took a whopping 1 hit!!! I give PPU 2/10 for consistency…

Why not just shoot it and re-user the brass?

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Its too hot for my Martini…Jams it up. She might be getting a bit loose. Or the brass rims are too thin, but they measured only .005" under spec, which is probably normal tolerance…Loves my swaged goodness…so thats the main thing!