Bullet molds 310 cadet, and 30cal

Bullet molds surplus to my needs…
CBE 320-120 single cavity for 310 cadet.
drops bullets .310+

CBE 310-200 double cavity for garden variety. 308 cal rifles…drops bullets…311

RCBS 309-180FN double cavity for garden variety 308 cal rifles…drops bullets .311+

As stated all molds drop bullets on the plus side of nominal size.

$45 for CBE cadet
$85 for CBE 200gn
$105 for RCBS 180gn
All prices posted.

Im going hardcore paper patch, which these molds are too fat for…

Might be interested, what alloy were you using that the RCBS mold dropped them at .311?

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16 bhn lead and Linotype…no worries.

Think i will hang onto them…not worth selling…really

Delete post @juststarting if you have to…

Items gone.

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