Bullet Mold Handles

These mold handles are great for the caster looking for more consistent bullets, due to the constant mold block pressure. They function and adjust much like a vice grip, great for zero hand fatigue also, on those long casting sessions. Suitable for double cavity LYMAN, RCBS, and CBE molds. $75 posted Australia wide.


I don’t really have a problem with consistent casting, ( I can cast 45 cal, 545 grainers to a +/- 0.3gr tolerance ), I might be interested in a set of these to give a bit of relief to the hand strain I get during a long casting session as you have alluded to.
I can also appreciate the amount of time and effort you would put into making them, with everything else I’m trying to get done, I can’t be fucked. P.M me with requirements to order some please.

No problem. I will do. I really only made them for myself, and own casting comfort, as the webbing of my left hand kills me after a couple of 100 pours.

I have 2 more of these, if anyone is interested…

Nope they are sold…I will be making more soon.

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