Building a Gallery

To all the DIY and people with brains full of ideas. What would you include in a shooting gallery think of the 22 gallery rifles and the old air rifles meant for gallery use. What sort of items would you like to shoot at.

The galleries that I have shot at are the ones in the American Theme parks like Disney and Knotts Berry Farm and other wild west themed parks. There they have rifles that shoot only light at targets such as bottles on a wall or a candle stick on a piano when you shoot the piano player he plays a little tune the bottles fall over the candle stick may break or light up ect. great fun as a kid I spent ages playing these rather than the roller coasters.
But what sort of ites could be used for real 22LR has anyone ever been to a 22 fun shooting gallery?

Some small bis alloy deer would be pretty cool, i suppose it depends what materials you have to work with

Things that react-
Dueling tree
Reset type spinners
Spring loaded things.

Stuff that doesn’t require anyone to walk down and reset it but also react in some way when shot. Different sizes for varying degrees of challenge, including a few stupidly small targets.

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I remember seeing this video of a shooting gallery with bowling pins.

The way the pins reset with this cable attached to the bottom that went through the table they were set on. Using a pulley system and a hand crank, the operator was able reset the game by turning the crank to pull the bottom of the pins flush to the table.

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Does anyone remember the ancient one at Luna Park in Melbourne? It was some kind of light gun that made all kinds of things react funny in the old bar setting.

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After uncle @sungazer completely spoiled my son with his gallery setup LOL…

  • reduced silhouette targets (chickens, goats, etc.).
  • spinners
  • bottle caps on a wire
  • actual wire
  • walkers
  • miniature Texas star
  • miniature dueling tree
  • anything Lego
  • some sort iron ledge with minties or similar so they make white splash when shot

Thanks for the ideas fellas. I agree it is the reactive component that adds all the fun. Unfortunatley in a lot of cases it is that component that adds all the cost to the target. Anyway I will keep on plugging away slowly adding bits and pieces as the ideas and bits become available.

Ok a reactive target that satisfies the kids and the little kid inside of us all.
This reaction was tested with two kids who were really over the moon by the outcome, and it was given the tick of approval by the adult yahoos.

I have some ideas for some other DIY reactive targets but they require some metalwork construction so they could be a ways off. However they would be complete stand alone no extra bits to make them work.


Dueling trees look like a lot of fun to me.