Build me a rifle challenge

Here is this weeks challenge, Build me a new rifle.
Below is what I am looking for;

Long range and hunting 50/50,
Chassis stock,
Rail etc,

Caliber… Surprise me, I am fond of being different so I am open to suggestions.
Barrel… Was thinking 30 inch but tell me what you think.
Price/cost… Not so much an unlimited budget but I don’t mind spending if it is for the right thing.

Now I didn’t say it was going to be easy but have fun and hit me with your ideas.

Are all calibers available in WA? Or would say a .308 be easier than a .338?

L118 is a good long range gun, it’s in a chassis. Should be a few on the surplus market now that they’ve been retired


Does it come In black for that tactical look?

Pretty much all except 338 LM and 50 cal.
Most of the other large calibres like 416 Rigby are OK just takes some creative wording to get it past.

Just get it ceracoated

I bet putting it into a safe would be a bugger though…

I think you can’t go past something in 7mm - maybe a nice magnum or a ladies 308 (7mm-08) if you are keen. Good all rounder, I recon 7mm-08. Although, 7mm magnum range is sorta cool,

Pretty easy really a 6.5 47 A Barnard small action (That one allows for mag loading is also same screw as Remington 700) a Huber Concepts two stage trigger a Kriger Barrel in a MDT XL-LSS Chassis with a Magpul PRS butt stock. Choose your own grip. for a scope a Bushnell 6500 Tactical Elite 5-25 with G2 Reticle or a Nightforce 8*32 BR.

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Sometime I get sad when you guys put a thread back on track after I’ve successfully derailed it :neutral_face:

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I think that you might have to try harder.

I think you should build a 585 Hubble express or a 12ga from hell

12ga fh is only cat A so should be easier to get approved

But you already built one of them

Na, I ended up selling the barrel and buying my 243 with the money


hey we are building Fatman a rifle not Bentaz. Find those rails, Yes you need Nightforce Rails 20 MOA as well.

I had a good look at the MDT chassis and I like it very much. Also cheaper than I thought.
Just need to do some more reading up on them and seeing as I am at work I will have plenty of time.

Just need some more ideas/suggestions on calibre. I did toy with 6.5x284 but …

The Hubble would be fun but not fun to shoot alot.

I would take into consideration your availability of calibre components. No good getting something too exotic if it’s a pain in the bum sourcing components.
Depending on what sort of shooting you want to focus on. I would look at the winners of various prestige shooting comps and see what people at the pointy end are using. Trust their prior experiments and go with their choices.
Overall it’s splitting hairs really. Many different calibres are proven supremely accurate when tuned.
Cost of said ammo may also be a factor to consider.

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