Budget rifle builds

Hi fellas,

Thinking about selling my .308 and " building " a rifle, weather that be a barrelled action and then a stock or the more complicated path of action, barrel and stock along with getting someone to do all the fitting, i realize its a slippery slope, but whos done what?

I’m considering a long action long barrel chassis rifle to get some accurate distance

Unfortunately I have never built from the ground up but it is on the to do list.
I guess a lot would depend on what your aiming for ( no pun intended), do you just want a reliable/accurate rifle out to say 500 yards or do you want to stretch it out to 1000 plus.

If it is just to say 500 yards then I think that a barreled action would be fine in a chassis. I guess cost/budget will also play a big part.

Either way you go I will look forward to watching the build as it progresses.

What chambering are you thinking?

I think Shooting Stuff Australia (check YouTube) had a project like that recently, maybe have a looks see online.

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@1Fatman i talk alot of shit when it comes to guns, so i could end up just putting this in the too hard basket and getting a factory rifle haha


I’d love either a 300winmag or a 300rum little bit more velocity than a .308 i fuigure less drop

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Seems like a dated choice, to swap a 308 for it. Why not some sort of 7mm magnum variant? 308 and 300WM are old faithful, but if you’re going to go down that path, I think 7mm is where it’s at.

…or a new one that just came out, that seems to have good reviews, 300PRC (by Hornady).

Basically, you need to read ballistic tables, amigo. Gooooo numbers! :slight_smile:

I was thinking that a 7mm 08 would be a good choice.

What’s your budget, @AusTac?

I’ve had two ‘budget’ rifles put together. Do ypu have a doner action you woukd be happy to use? It is possible you can have the 308 rebuilt (action ‘worked’ and barrel rechambered) which would be by far the most ‘budget’ option.
I had a 223 varmint Howa trued up, swapped the barrel to a Zastava action, which was trued, and the bolt face opened on the Howa, lugs machined, etc, and a straight taper 7-08 barrel chambered and fitted. The Zasty action, Truflite barrel, stock for the Zasty and all the smithing work cost me abot $1600ish.
Way i see it, i got 2 ‘new’ rifles for the price of a Tikka and both have been very true rifles to shoot!

I don’t think 7-08 is a good choice for a build… It is only marginally better than 308 beyond like 400 or something.

Yep I think that it is a little flatter shooting.

Not totally sure on budget yet its a bit of a pipe dream but i did see that cleavers have rem 700 magnum actions for $700 at the moment so that got me thinking, i’m wanting something common with accessories… i always see to get things that have minimal aftermarket support

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What accessories can you possibly get for a bolt action? A bayonet lug?

Stocks, bolt knobs, pic rails, magazines, bottom metals, trigger parts, muzzle breaks thread protectors, bolt end caps, replacement screws and parts, bedding kits,

Ye, okay, good call.

I wasn’t suggesting Aus build a 7-08; i was responding to his question of ‘who has done it’ with a brief of what i have had done and pointing out that a doner action can be modified.

Edit: sorry… didn’t see fatman’s 7-08 suggestion…


@Gwion JS was referring to my post where I said that I thought that a 7mm 08 would be a good choice as something different to the standard manbun or 308.

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You can get a good barrel for $500ish and the action tuned and barrel chambered and fitted for about $300-400 from the right smith… that should give you a basic idea ofc expected costs… plus your chosen stock, obviously.

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Oh… ok… sorry.

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All good, Just saving JS’s reputation :rofl::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Yeah… i didn’t see that post.
I think 'budget build ’ is a relative term. I’d consider using the 308 and maybe seeing if a short mag is possible off that action.
What is the 308 action you have, @AusTac?